Island States

Jim Buchman, LaKela Brown, Josef Bull, Renee Delosh, Anne Eastman, Derek Fordjour, Corinne Jones, Brad Kahlhamer, Seth Kelly, Robbie McDonald, Terri Phillips, Mariah Robertson.

April 23rd - June 11th

Tops Gallery welcomes you to Island States, a group show of free-standing sculpture curated by Corinne Jones. Island States is conceived as a constellation of independent bodies that have a distinct presence of "standing", each one an embodiment and symbol of autonomy. The operative gesture of "standing up" or "standing for" is a present-day measure of asserting one's beliefs. While the works apply diverse materials to disparate ends, they share a common attribute, an emblematic economy which acts on the viewer's recognition of signs in each form. Each sculpture is its own autonomous 'island' and symbolic 'flag'. Taken together, the configuration of forms represents a loose federation of self-determined states of being.