Mike Goodlett, Almost Folly 

June 12th – August 30th

Aaron Suggs Camera Obscura

March 30th – June 2nd 2019

Hawkins Bolden

February 15th – March 25th 2019

Kevin Ford Version Version

December 7th 2018 – January 27th 2019

Corinne Jones Banner for the Lost Sea

December 7th 2018 – January 27th 2019

John McIntire

September 14th – November 24th 2018

Screen Door, Ann Craven, Dana Frankfort, EJ Hauser, Margaux Ogden

July 21 – September 8th 2018

Paul Edwards Lion Tamers

May 28th – July 15th 2018

John Shorb The Daily Avalanche

March 24th – May 13th 2018

Motoko Fukuyama La Bohème

January 26th -March 10th 2018

Josef Bull Man Finds Meteorites in His Yard (This is Planet Earth)

November 25th 2017 – January 12th 2018

Corinne Jones Presencing A Scene

October 15th – November 22nd 2017

Marja Vallila Late Works

September 15th – November 11th 2017

Sad men on bad afternoons, Natalie Labriola, Joseriberto Perez, Lauren Taylor, Kandis Williams

Curated by Daniel Fuller

August 4th – October 12th 2017

Dale McNeil Cease To Exist, Give In to Good Vibes

June 11th – July 25th 2017

Drawings and Song, Henry Speller, Georgia Speller, and Coy Love

June 9th – August 25th 2017

Seth Kelly The Chamber That Slows Things Down

April 21st – June 4th 2017

Jonathan VanDyke The Invert

April 9th – June 3rd 2017

Katie Murray That Shadow, My Likeness

February 24th - April 2nd 2017

Jerry Phillips, maybe nothing was said/might be continued

December 10th 2016 – February 4th 2017

Judith Joy Ross, Portraits of the United States Congress. 1986-87

October 21st – December 3rd 2106

Dan Torop Law of Dissipation

September 16th – October 16th 2016

Haynes Riley An Attitude You Can Wear

June 25th – August 27th 2016

Island States

Jim Buchman, LaKela Brown, Josef Bull, Renee Delosh, Anne Eastman, Derek Fordjour, Corinne Jones, Brad Kahlhamer, Seth Kelly, Robbie McDonald, Terri Phillip, Mariah Robertson

Curated by Corinne Jones

April 23rd – June 11th 2016

Kevin Ford A Piece is Loose

February 27th - April 9th 2016


Marlous Borm, David Deutsch, Paul Edwards, Leo Fitzpatrick, Kevin Ford, Stephen Lack, Lester Merriweather, Scott Reeder, Walter Robinson, Tom of Finland, Ernest Withers

December 12th 2015 – February 6th 2016

Guy Church The Inside Circle

October 23rd – December 5th 2015

Gil Ngolé The Season Moved

August 21st – October 3rd 2015

Jackie Gendel and Dana Frankfort Talk

June 6th – August 1st 2015

Dale McNeil Material Will: Force In Form

April 3rd – May 31st 2015

Voice of the Turtle

Kenneth Lawrence Beaudoin, Peter Bowman, Jim Buchman, Guy Church, William Eggleston, John Fahey, John McIntire, Johnathan Payne, Terri Phillip

December 13th 2014 – February 8th 2015

Jered Sprecher Here & There

October 10th – December 7th 2014

Terri Jones

August 9th – October 4th 2014

Corinne Jones Plain English

May 23rd- July 26th 2014

Walter Robinson Painkiller

April 6th – May 11th 2014

Igor Siddiqui Protoplastic

January 31st – March 29th 2014

Dan Torop Alkali Desert

November 15th 2013 – January 17th 2014

Lester Merriweather Black House|White Market

September 27th November 10th 2013

Sarah Jones As Tiny or Important as You Like

August 16th – September 22nd 2013

Terri Phillips Chapel of Yes

May 10th – July 13th 2013

Chris Dorland Fiesta Americana

March 2nd – May 4th 2013

Seth Kelly Dark Energy

December 14th 2012 – February 23rd 2013

Victoria Sambunaris Between Worlds

October 20th – December 8th 2012