Sarah Jones

As Tiny Or Important As You Like

August 16th - September 22nd 2013

Tops is pleased to announce As Tiny or Important as You Like, new drawings by Sarah Jones.

Sarah Jones has been involved in small scale industrial printing from the age of fourteen when she began working in her family's print shops. This formative experience with materials and process, job fulfillment and exposure to a blinding array of haphazard design has profoundly informed her work as an artist. Identifying primarily as a printmaker and drawer, Jones show at Tops is the expression resulting from a need to produce both unexpected results and reprocess the discarded scraps she was surrounded by during her youthful work in commercial printing. For this project Jones made large sheets of paper from the refuse pile at her uncle's print shop and restricted her virtuosic draftsmanship by executing the graphite and charcoal drawings in the still wet and unstable paper. The paper's sculptural presence functions as a block for the autonomous drawn forms.

 The dark planets and orbit depicted are both telling signs and mute abstractions, cosmos and smudge.