Jered Sprecher 

Here & There

October 10th - December 7th 2014

Tops Gallery is pleased to present Here & There, an exhibition of six paintings by Jered Sprecher.

The paintings in this exhibition have been selected for their relation to the space of the gallery. Through subtle changes and awareness of the past, present, and possibility of the future within the gallery, the space is made alive, not just by the art that inhabits it from month to month, but by the architectural adjustments made to it. This sense of past, present, and future are vital to the work by Jered Sprecher. The paintings find echoes in the manhole cover skylight, concrete walls, columns, recessed spaces, and sledgehammer crafted doorway. The show is a call and response between the space, what occupies it, and the past, present, and future.

Sprecher's paintings start with source material derived from his regular collecting of ubiquitous images and visual leavings. From the fast paced exchange of images and forms that flood the global culture, Sprecher extracts images that confoundingly resonate with vital meaning. In his paintings these images are slowed down, recontextualized, and transfigured.

The selection of paintings for this exhibition spans the past fours years. Cirlces, holes, graphic darks, saturated color, rough hewn form, and refined edges mingle in paintings that are both solid and slipping through the viewer's grasp at the same moment. Both here and there.